Front Range Toastmasters

Meeting Minutes—2/16/23

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters

The toastmaster for the evening was Patricia Levya.  Her theme was Tim Tam day. Tim tam company was started in 1964.

Guest:2 Online:1 in-person:11

The business part of the meeting — Reminder to pay dues of $60 by end of march for April—September 31st.

Grammarian: Luis

word of the day:Moxie: the force of character, determination, or nerve.” when you’ve got moxie, you need the clothes to match”.

Inspiration:Jason: This is his first time serving the role but shared a very interesting inspirational quote that impacted his life.”Be comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

Speaker #1 was Caitlin Lam: Her speech title was “My life is a sitcom”. She had a chance to watch many sitcoms for the past two weeks because of her illness. Each sitcom has a pattern of issue after issue and finally ends up with a solution good for all. She shared her life incident similar to a sitcom and the end result was good and fun to recollect those memories.

Speaker 2 was Jon Garcia: Jon shared the place “Costarica” he visited recently with his family.

Speaker 3 was Pattie Apple: It’s a 2 to 3 minutes speech. As a division director, she’s planning for the contest at the Area and Division levels. She would like to share her experiences of organizing this contest in her second speech. She shared about the functionaries needed in the contest.

Table Topics Master was Alan Wong.  His questions were easy and difficult.

  • Richa: “Define happiness and when was the last time you had a happy moment?”.her response was not stressful and just getting with the flow for the first question. She has two cats, and every time she felt very happy when she bought cats and went on to cruise with her family.
  • Jason: “What was his favorite book?”.His favorite book was “how to stop worrying and start living?”

General Evaluator was Robin McIntosh:

Evaluator 1:Richa evaluated Caitlin’s speech: Her speech was very well structured, humorous, and interesting to the audience. One feedback was to take a moment to start the speech.

Evaluator 2:Jeff Stoll evaluated Jon’s speech: Jon’s speech was more interesting and want to know more about the place. One feedback to use the stage more.

All functionaries did their roles and the meeting started on time. Table topic questions were thought-provoking.
Best Table Topics: Luis Estrada
Best Speaker: Caitlin Lam

Best Evaluator: Jeff Stoll

Overall, the meeting went smoothly and was amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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