Front Range Toastmasters

Meeting Minutes—12/08/2022

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

Toastmaster for the evening was Richa Acharya.  Her theme was an interesting question “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”. She mentioned her theme at the beginning of the meeting and gave enough for all members to share her first-time long time after. She gave everyone the chance to share their thoughts on this question. Few responses are

Melissa–After a long time, she kept her mouth shut when her teenage kid shared something mischievously.

Caitlin–Moved to a new job after 8 years and learning all the processes.

Patricia–Learnt making Pizza from the scratch.

10 members attended in person and 2 members attended online and 1 guest attended. His name is Marcus. This is his second time attending the meeting.

  The timer joker was Pattie Apple. 
Grammarian was Caitlin and her word of the day was Celerity. It’s a noun. The meaning of the word is the swiftness of movement.
Quizmaster was Jon Garcia. 
Ah, Counter was Alan Wong.  

Inspiration was Andrey. He shared a story about the life history of a soldier named Thomas who fought in the civil war. When he was a rebel at a young age and sentenced to death and finally ended up as a great warrior.

The business part of the meeting — Jeff Stoll, President gave updates about the election next week and the holiday party week after.

Speaker #1 was Robin McIntosh. His speech title was “How to connect with the unfamiliar audience”.Communication is not just talking, the communicator(Sender) should make sure the audience(receiver) understands the information.

Table Topics Master was Bill farrand.  His questions were random. Some notable questions and answers.

  • Caitlin Lam—“How to avoid conflicts with family members”–She gave many interesting tips. One is just nodding our head irrespective of our decision.
  • Pattie Apple–“When you are making Christmas dinner, the power goes off”— Though the power went off, my oven was still hot. I will tell all my family members not to touch the oven, so I can use it for Barbeque.

General Evaluator was Pattie Apple

  1. Jeff Stoll evaluated Robin McIntosh’s speech– The speech was interesting to the audience, with good use of gestures, eye contact, and good vocal variety. He gave one challenge to Robin.

Ah Counter: Alan wong– He listed out the members used filler words, uhs, and ums.

Grammarian:  Caitlin Lam–She listed out the members who used the word Celerity in their speeches. She pointed out the good usage of the language used by members.

Best Table Topics:  Mellissa
Best Speaker:  Robin McIntosh 

Quiz master: Jon Garcia, asked five questions. 1)What was the town Andrey mentioned in his inspiration? 2)What Richa had it for her blindfolded dinner?

Overall, the meeting went smoothly and was amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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