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Meeting Minutes—12/01/2022

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

Toastmaster for the evening was Pattie Apple.  Her theme was Volunteering. She shared the volunteer positions in Toastmasters. Volunteering is one of the safe ways to sharpen our skills.

6 members attended in person and 1 member attended online and 2 guests(Marcus and Kipp).

All members introduced themselves to the guest by sharing their what made them join toastmasters. Most of the members shared that their responses were recommended by the workplace, and some of them mentioned they want to practice their public speaking skills.

  The timer joker was Revathy joined online and she shared a funny story.  A young boy entered the barber shop. The shop owner whispered to one of his customers that this boy was the dumbest kid in the world. He wanted to prove that. He kept a dollar in one hand and two quarters in the other hand and ask the boy to pick one. The boy picks the two quarters and left. After an hour the customer saw the boy coming out from the ice cream parlor licking his ice cream. He asked the boy why he chose two quarters instead of a dollar. The boy replied if he chose the dollar, he won’t get the next chance.

Quizmaster was Patricia Levya. 
Ah, Counter was Luis Estrada

Inspiration was Katelynn Pau–She shared a story that has more insights in it. A boy always never gives up, thinks outside the box, and does not accept no as an answer. He is 8 years old and wants to buy an Xbox by himself. To raise money for his Xbox, he wash dishes and worked in jobs more than his age, and finally, he got the money to buy his Xbox. The takeaway from this story is we should never give up on our commitment no matter how hard it is.

The business part of the meeting — Our Area director, Katelynn Pau mentioned about our club officer meeting on December 3rd Saturday both online and in person. This club officer training gives more information about how to conduct the speech contest. Jeff Stoll, Club President shared the date of our Holiday party.

Speaker #1 was Andrey Andreyev. His speech title was How to make better decisions. Use data to analyze the situations in life and justify the decision.

back to the volunteer theme, tutoring for school-age kids, If you are retired and unemployed, volunteering is a good way to spend your time meaningful.

Table Topics Master was Bill Farrand. His questions were like a situation given to each member and make them choose what they want to do.

  • Patricia Levya–When you’re walking towards King Soopers, you found 200$ on the pathway. Will you take it or not? She chooses to give $200 to the king sooper manager that she found the 200$ on the pathway.
  • Katelynn Pau–Going to church with family members, and forgot to bring the wallet, would you pass the bucket or not? Her response was let’s pass the bucket for this time.

General Evaluator was Jeff

  1.   Luis evaluated Andrey’s speech— Flow was good, good eye contact, good expressions, and work on appropriate hand gestures. Challenge him to reduce the usage of filler words.

Ah Counter:  Luis Estrada–Listed out the members’ usage of filler words and double clutches.

Best Evaluator:  Luis Estrada
Best Table Topics:  Jeff Stoll
Best Speaker:  Andrey Andreyev 

Quiz master: Patricia, asked five questions. Pattie’s daughter currently offering a student from which country? In Andrey’s speech, what was his takeaway?

Jeff Stoll, GE– He appreciated Pattie for sharing more pieces of information about the volunteer theme. Good work to table topics, Bill for his questions and wrapping up the table topics speakers’ responses, and including two guests in table topics.

Guest Feedback–Kipp mentioned he felt very comfortable and members are very casual and easygoing. It’s a safe place to make mistakes. Marcus enjoyed the table topics session and felt included and encouraged by being a speaker on table topics.

Overall, the meeting was wonderful and amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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