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Meeting Minutes—11/17/2022

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

For this weekly meeting, we all meet at the restaurant, mother tucker brewery, Thornton, Colorado

Toastmaster for the evening was Luis Estrada.  His theme was public speaking. He shared his personal story of why he joined toastmasters. He got frozen when his boss asked him to say some words in front of 200 people. Benefits of public speaking: boost confidence, personal satisfaction, and critical thinking.

11 members attended in person, 1 member attended online, and 1 guest.

The business part of the meeting was handled by our president Jeff Stoll. He mentioned there will be no meeting next week. He ordered pizza from Godfather’s pizza next to Mother Tucker. Most of the members enjoyed the Pizza, beer, and tea.

The timer joker was Caitlin Lam. Her joke was related to beer drinkers. One man always walks into the beer store and orders three beers. The owner asked why three beers. I have two brothers. When we left home, we all decided to buy for the rest of our brothers whenever we are buying. This was continuing for several years. One day he ordered two beers and all waiters and owners were shocked. They all came and said to him “sorry for your loss”.He replied nothing happen to my brothers. The doctor advised him to quit drinking.

Grammarian was Andrey and his word of the day was Audacious. It’s an adjective. The meaning of the word is bold, daring, fearless, and showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
Quizmaster was Melissa. 
Ah, Counter was Pattie Apple.

Inspiration was Jeff Stoll–He shared a story about a boy who went to the dog store and purchased a dog who has very less time in this world. The shop owner refused to give the dog to the boy, but the boy wants that dog in particular for its less lifespan. The shop owner asked why? The boy responded by showing his metal leg and telling him that they both knew each other’s pain very well.

Speaker #1 was Bill Farrand. His speech was about when he was a protege. He shared his life experience when he was doing his Ph.D. and what he learned from his mentor and his relationship with the mentor.

Speaker #2 was Revathy Sukumaran.Her speech was about sharing her pathway experience. This is her last speech in her first pathway. She shared how toastmaster speech projects and leadership roles fine-tune her thoughts.

Speaker #3 was Jon Garcia. His speech was about how to inspire the audience. He discussed his leadership philosophy, servant leadership style, and Empowerment.

Table Topics Master was Patricia. She wrote all her questions as the book titles. The members have to respond to what made them to wrote the book and what others can expect in the book.

  • Jeff–“Nothing is tempting as prohibiting activities”–His responses were audience inputs are most welcome, sharing Robin’s secrets, and collecting evil ideas from 200 people.
  • Andrey–“Cats think where their slaves”–He shared his personal experience of having a dog at his house.
  • Robin—“Growing up is a trap”—He shared that we are advancing our age means, we are going back towards our childhood. We forget to do our chores. He always forgot to do stuff for his Dog, Chickens, and Goats. Jeff is the real inspiration for his book.

General Evaluator was Abiram

  1.   Katelynn evaluated Bill’s speech— Mentor and protege relationship with real facts interesting to the audience, Avoid closing his eyes was the improvement area, and challenge himself to do gestures wider.
  2. Robin evaluated Revathy’s speech–The speech was clear and concise, and good eye contact. Improvement area–Ending sentences were getting low, so the audience was not able to hear them properly. Challenge to work on in enunciation.
  3. Melissa evaluated Jon’s speech: Very organized, and logical, and wrap the speech in the conclusion. The challenge is to do a speech without transition.

Ah Counter:  Pattie. Pattie’s report was translated by Bill. Mostly the meeting went smoothly with fewer uh’s and um’s and she listed out the member who used filler words and double clutches. Her report was announced through Bill. He adds more humor to it and everyone enjoyed his report.

Grammarian: Andrey. He mentioned the great usage of members’ sentences in their speeches. Bill’s arbitrary growth and mini-me and rather be a hammer than a nail. Jeff’s trailing up. He gave ideas to speakers in an encouraging way.

Two more awards were added by Luis and they both deserve this award.

Best Evaluator:  Melissa
Best Table Topics:  Jeff
Best Speaker:  Jon Garcia

Enthusiasm: Patricia

Humor: Bill Farrand.

Quiz master: Melissa, asked five questions. Where did Bill get his Ph.D.? Who’s taking care of Andrey’s dog? Who can we thank for our club website?

Abirame’s evaluation report was very thorough and she didn’t miss anything. She appreciated all the role-takers and food volunteers. She mentioned Patricia’s smile throughout the table topic session. She mentioned Jeff’s inspirational story covered all aspects of storytelling.

Overall, the meeting was wonderful and amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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