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Meeting Minutes—11/03/2022

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

Toastmaster for the evening was Abirame Periyasamy.  Her theme was about dreams and ambitions. She started the meeting by sharing a story about a girl whose everyday dream was coming true by an enchantress who wished for her dream to come true. After a few months, the girl got bored and she wanted challenges in her life to make her dream come true. It’s true indeed, we don’t know the real value of victory if we don’t put any effort into it. This is an interesting quote mentioned by Abirame Dreams without ambitions are like a car without gas.

10 members attended in person and 4 members attended online.

The business part of the meeting was handled by our president Jeff Stoll. He mentioned our upcoming Restaurant meeting. Abiram took charge of finding the meeting place for our restaurant meeting.

Few members shared their ambitions

Patricia–She wants to be a great speaker.

Revathy–She wants to have experiences and a meaningful life.

Abiram—She likes to have challenges in her life.

  The timer joker was Patricia and her joke was a funny story. A rich man throwing a party invited many of his friends. He challenged everyone at the party for a bet amount of 1 million dollars. There is a crocodile in his pool. The challenge was Who is brave enough to jump into the pool, stay for a while and come back alive? Bryan, the young man jumped and survived and came back. The rich man was so happy to give money to Bryan. He refused and wanted only one thing. The rich man asked what was it? Bryan said he wanted to know who pushed him to the pool.

Grammarian was Melissa and her word of the day was Desire. It’s a noun. The meaning of the word is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
Quizmaster was Robin McIntosh. 
Ah, Counter was Andrey.

Inspiration was Jon Garcia–He shared a story about an old man teaching his grandson a life lesson. The good wolf and a bad wolf. The good wolf is kind, grateful, loving, and caring. The bad wolf is angry, selfish, and grumpy as always. The old man said to his grandson your behavior/thinking/attitude/character is like feeding the bad/good wolf and your response will be whichever wolf got fed the most. It’s a very thoughtful story.

Speaker #1 was Caitlin Lam. This is her Icebreaker speech. Her speech title was “How was she got influenced by her family as the youngest sister?”.She explained her research about little sister syndrome. It was very interesting. She told her what she learned from her big sisters and parents and she took a big decision of moving from her home to challenge herself to become independent. She learned a lot over the past few years in decision-making and being independent.

Table Topics Master was Alan. He directed the meeting in a different direction about daydreams and nightdreams. He shared a topic instead of a question. He expected the response should talk about whether they encountered the dream or interpret what would have happened. He gave an example sharing about the topic of Sex. He handled the topic very well.

  • Jeff–“Dream about dying”—He didn’t have a dream of dying. He had the weird dream of being underpants in public. But he woke up with his dress on.
  • pattie Apple–“Being chased”–She didn’t have a dream of being chased. Instead, she had a fear of getting lost and don’t know where she was heading to.
  • Robin—“Teeth Falling”—He shared a real incident of his teeth falling in a football/basketball game.

General Evaluator was Tanya

  1.   Jeff evaluated Caitlin’s speech— It was not like the first time. The speech was very organized and the thoughts were flowing non-stop. The pace, tone, and vocal variety were very good. One improvement was to use the stage for the online audience to see your face.

Ah Counter:  Andrey– He listed out the members who used filler words and double clutches. The list was very short, so it was a clean meeting overall. He mentioned the members who had control over using filler words in their speeches.

Grammarian:  Melissa.She mentioned the very interesting sentences said in this meeting. few are

Crocodile floating like a goldfish

Some dreams should not come true.

Best Evaluator:  Jeff
Best Table Topics:  Revathy Sukumaran
Best Speaker:  Caitlin Lam 

Quiz master: Robin, asked five questions. Whose topic Revathy picked up in table topics and what was it? When did Caitlin move from Boston to Colorado?

Tanya’s evaluation report was thorough and amazing. She gave her reports covered from the start to the end of the meeting. She mentioned valuable feedback about bringing the greeter role to explain the role and how and what were the members’ emotions in entering the venue.

Overall, the meeting was wonderful and amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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