Front Range Toastmasters

Meeting Minutes–11/10/2022

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

Toastmaster for the evening was Tanya Streifel.  Her theme was Trees. She shared unknown facts about trees in between the meeting.One of the fact is Trees protect themselves from bugs.The members introduced to the guest by sharing what was their favorite tree.Few responses are Pattie– Christmas tree,Alan–any tree is alive,and Katelynn–tree with small leaves.

11 members attended in person and 1 member attended online and 1 guest named Benjamin attended the meeting.

The business part of the meeting was handled by our president Jeff Stoll. He mentioned our upcoming Restaurant meeting.Discussed about few restuarant options.

The timer joker was Jeff and his joke was a story+riddle. There are three characters in the story and each were in different positions in the society.One is the professor,second is the CEO and the third is the Janitor.One day an angel came in front of them to wish them whatever the professions they want to be for a single day.Professor wants to be an elementary school teacher,CEO wants to become the waiter and Janitor wants to become an artist.The professor and CEO felt terrible about their jobs but the Janitor made good sale of his art work.The other two asked how’s it possible for you.Janitor replied he did a master degree in art.

Grammarian was Robin and his word of the day was Shady. It’s an adjective. The meaning of the word are shaded,suspicious,and questions.
Quizmaster was Patricia. 
Ah, Counter was Richa.

Speaker #1 was Jon Garcia. His speech title was Accreditation ISO.He wants to educate members about what are the criterias in fire department to get ISO rating 1.

Speaker #2 was Luis Estrada.His speech title was No problems,only lessons.He shared his personal and professional experience of how he overcame every problem in to lessons learned.

Speaker #3 was Pattie Apple.Her speech title was Road Trips.She shared her experience about how she plan for the trip(destination,stay and stop), prepare herself for the trip,what are the mandatory items she took into her road trip by showing those items.

Table Topics Master was Katelynn. She has many small sheets and each has indiom or phrase.The member response should be into the question.

  • Richa: “Go out of a limb”–When she was doing her higher studies here, she found a hard time managing her finance to cover up their food love. She was prepared for anything and ready to do any work to reach her goal.
  • Patricia: “Apple does not fall from the tree”
  • Robin—Barking up the wrong tree”
  • Abiram: Put down roots– She responded wherever she went she shouldn’t forget the values and ethics taught by their parents.

General Evaluator was Revathy Sukumaran

  1.   Abiram evaluated Jon’s speech—His speech was informative,passed out the fire department acronym sheet along with the agenda giving heads about what he’s going to talk about,gave tips to use notes.
  2. Andrey evaluated Luis’s speech–His speech was so interesting, and real-life stories in it. He gave challenges to work on giving more speeches like this.
  3. Alan evaluated Pattie’s speech—He started off with constructive criticism by pointing out that the items shown are more than three. He did the evaluation without seeing notes as always. It was outstanding. He challenged the speaker to give a speech without preparing much.

Ah Counter:  Richa– She used the clicking sound to alert the members for filler words and so on.I heard good amount of sound throughout the meeting.At the end she gave us the report that she had the list of members used uhs,ums,double clitches and filler words.

Grammarian:  Robin McIntosh–His report was very thorough and touched all speeches of the meeting.

Best Evaluator:  Alan
Best Table Topics:  Richa Acharya
Best Speaker:  Pattie Apple 

Quiz master: Patricia, asked five questions. What Pattie used to find directions when she’s going for road trip?

I was the general evaluator.Abirame and Andrey used the sandwich method in their evaluation and Alan used the different technique in giving his evaluation.It was quite different and interesting.I would nominate Robin for the Best Evaluator award.

Overall, the meeting was wonderful and amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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