Front Range Toastmasters

Meeting Minutes—10/20/22

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

Toastmaster for the evening was Robin McIntosh.  His theme was English words. He mentioned many interesting words like so, sow, sew, bouillon, bologna, and so on. Luis shared his experience of challenging words as Dirty.

10 members attended in person and 1 member attended online and 1 guest.

Jeff introduced ourselves to guest by sharing our favorite word.Some responses are Revathy–Relax,Patricia–Awesome,….

  The timer joker was Abirame Periyasamy joined online and her joke was about riddles. 

Riddle questions are “Aligator in a vest–>Investigator” and “What kind of tea is difficult to swallow?–>Nasty”.

Grammarian was Jeff Stoll and his word of the day was Dismal. It’s an adjective. The meaning of the word is dark, pitiful, disgraceful, gloomy…
Quizmaster was Patricia Levya. 
Ah, Counter was Revathy Sukumaran

Inspiration was Caitlin Lam–She shared an inspiring quote as a story with characters Everybody, somebody, anybody, and nobody. The story was about taking responsibility and commitment. Finally, she wrapped her story with toastmaster roles and how members take initiative in doing their roles and support each other in making the meeting successful.

The business part of the meeting — Jeff Stoll, President gave information about our upcoming Halloween celebration on October 27th, and members are encouraged to keep up the Halloween spirit.

Speaker #1 was Pattie Apple. Her speech title was “My communication plan”.She had a problem missing out on her daughters’ schedules when they were in high school. She found a solution of keeping a huge size whiteboard in the kitchen. This was a huge success and able to track the schedule and she’s still continuing this communication plan.

Speaker #2 was Alan Wong. His speech title was “So Sad It might be fun”.  He’s working on a humorous project. It’s a lengthy speech. He’s an excellent storyteller and usually, and humor is 100 percent sure in his speech as always. The overall motive of his speech is to praise the ladies’ Grandmother, mother, and wife, and their power of control over him in Alan’s way.

Table Topics Master was Tanya Streifel. She couldn’t attend the meeting, so Robin asked Tanya questions on his way.

  • Patricia Levya–What did the funny thing happen to her? She responded about how she challenged herself to improve her language skill and enjoyed it.
  • Revathy Sukumaran—How do you describe the word Yellow to a Visually challenged person? Her response was why do you challenge yourself to explain the word yellow to a person who was not in a position to understand? Think about his problem and what you can fix and move on.
  • Bill Farrand–What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?—His response was he was having a casual day and suddenly his neighbor called him for why he assassinated his penguin.

General Evaluator was Luis Estrada

  1.   Jeff evaluated Pattie’s speech— Very little use of notes, Good use of gestures. One improvement mentioned was using the lectern more.
  2. Bill evaluated Alan Wong’s speech– Great funny story and good gestures. Few things to improve on Breaking eye contact and avoiding watching the time often.

Ah Counter:  Revathy Sukumaran– I separated my reports into two sections.First half and the second half. The first half of the meeting was very clean. Members who talked a lot Robin and Jeff managed cleverly by using long pauses instead of using filler words. I caught more filler words,uh’s and um’s in second half of the meeting.

Grammarian:  Jeff.  Dismal word used by more members throughout the meeting.

Best Evaluator:  Bill farrand
Best Table Topics:  Revathy Sukumaran
Best Speaker:  Alan Wong 

Quiz master: Patricia, asked five questions. What Pattie hanged in her kitchen? Which word Luis does not like to say?

In overall,the meeting was wonderful and amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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