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Meeting Minutes—10/16/2022

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

Toastmaster for the evening was Luis Estrada.  His theme was Fall readiness. He mentioned his household chores for fall preparation. He made it interactive by asking members how they prepare for it. A few responses are Jeff Stoll mentioned cleaning the basement and the long time pending of clearing the crawl space. Patricia cleaned her summer clothing in the winter clothing closet.

9 members attended in person and 4 members attended online.

  The timer joker was Revathy Sukumaran and her joke was about fall riddles. 
Grammarian was Bill farrand and his word of the day was Antipathy. It’s a noun. The meaning of the word is a deep-seated feeling of dislike; or aversion.
Quizmaster was Jon Garcia. 
Ah Counter was Jeff Stoll.  

The business part of the meeting — Jeff Stoll, President gave information about our upcoming Halloween celebration on October 27th, and members are encouraged to keep up the Halloween spirit. There was a call for an evaluator from the gogo aviation club for their demo meeting.

Speaker #1 was Katelynn Pau. She took a relatable and most-needed topic of Resolving conflicts.

Speaker #2 was Tanya Streifel.  Her speech project was about giving a social speech.

Table Topics Master was Andrey Andreyev.  His questions were about government policies, rules, and market rates. What changes are needed to make it better? Some notable questions and answers.

  • Revathy Sukumaran—Climate change and Global warming
  • Pattie Apple–About Eco-friendly cars–Her response was eco-friendly cars are expensive. However, with the increase in gas prices and electrical outlets are available in parking lots. Buying an eco-friendly car is the right option.

General Evaluator was Pattie Apple

  1.  Alan Wong evaluated Katelynn’s speech— Very good speech and organized delivery. One improvement mentioned was using the lectern more.
  2. Robin McIntosh evaluated Tanya’s speech– Very comfortable and well use of physical gestures. One improvement was the word usage was difficult to understand for the different groups of audiences.

Ah Counter:  Jeff Stoll– He used a gavel to alert the members for filler words and listed out the number of uh and ums used by members.

Grammarian:  Bill farrand.  Antipathy word used in prepared speeches as well as in Table topics.

Best Evaluator:  Robin McIntosh
Best Table Topics:  Tie between Pattie Apple and Bill farrand
Best Speaker:  Katelynn Pau. 

Quiz master: Jon Garcia, asked five questions. Which club needed the speech evaluator?

Overall, the meeting went smoothly and was amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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