Front Range Toastmasters

Meeting Minutes — 1/26/23

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters

The toastmaster for the evening was Robin McIntosh.  His theme was National Peanut brittle day.

9 members attended in person and 2 members attended online and 2 guests attended.


The business part of the meeting — Shared Club contest date at club level and Area director level.

Speaker #1 was Richa Acharya: Her speech is about how toastmaster’s journey improved her career, personal and aspirations in life.

Speaker #2 was Patricia Levya: Her speech was about Liquor Licensing. She shared the process of documentation needed for liquor licensing.

Table Topics Master was Katelynn Pau.  Her questions were about confection. Some notable questions and answers.

  • Bill Farrand—“What’s his idle candy?”-His idle candy is dark chocolate. He shared facts about how healthy dark chocolate is.
  • Pattie Apple–“Taking candy from a baby. Do you agree or not?”— It’s hard to break a habit and cut off sugar at a young age.

General Evaluator was Pattie Apple

  1. Luis evaluated Richa’s speech– The flow of her speech was very good.
  2. Andrey evaluated Patricia’s speech—One improvement was to incorporate more pictures in the slide instead of more words.

Best Table Topics:  Andrey Andreyev
Best Speaker:  Richa Acharya

Best Evaluator: Luis Estradada

Overall, the meeting went smoothly and was amazing.

Revathy Sukumaran

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